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MDB Lawn Care Management

Grown Out of Passion

MDB Lawn Care started out with a simple question from a neighborhood friend: "Will you cut my lawn?" From there, the passion and drive to create beautiful and affordable landscapes grew. 

Michael Bierek, owner of MDB Lawn Care Management, began his business with his dad in 2015. As a young high school student, Michael began to pursue his dream of owning his own company. From there, MDB has grown into an ever-expanding lawn care and landscape company - providing a range of services  to residents of  Lorain County, and surrounding areas. MDB Lawn Care is affordable, efficient,  and customer-friendly - always striving to make the customer 100% satisfied. 

Our Mission Statement

MDB Lawn Care Management works to provide affordable lawn care and landscape services efficiently and always with the customer in mind.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

At MDB Lawn Care, the customer is our #1 priority. Making sure that the customer is 100% satisfied with their services is our main goal.


We strongly value flexibility - from design plans, to scheduling when the job will be completed - MDB strives to work with the customer on all accounts. 


Our team at MDB Lawn Care wants to make our services affordable! Working with the customer from start to finish, MDB works to make the services fit within the customers' budget - while still providing high quality and beautiful work.

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